Catalyzing social mobility, through investments in inclusive education and healthcare.

Figure 8 Investments is an impact-oriented family office funding a world with better outcomes for all.

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Founded by an educator and a twice-exited entrepreneur, we bring pedagogical and business expertise to provide optimal support for impactful companies. Our investments embody our commitment to socially-oriented education and healthcare that can transform lives and better our society.

An infinite loop of social impact

Our mission

Our thesis

Our investments across industries are united in their commitment to creating value, expanding accessibility, reducing the cost basis of basic needs, and breaking down geographic barriers.

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Geographic Boundaries


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Teaching at scale

We are committed to educational products that can expand access to high quality instruction and pedagogical innovation at scale.

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Employable skills

We back career-oriented products that can open doors in one's life while reinvigorating our economy.

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Experiential learning

Immersive pedagogy can better connect practice and instruction to provide a safe place for simulated experience.

Student Wellbeing

We support tools and services that develop students' social, mental and physical health.

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Knowing wellness is never one size fits all, we support ventures that work to make healthcare  culturally relevant and financially inclusive for every demographic.

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Better outcomes

Healthcare should be straightforward and accessible. Figure8 is proud to back products that reduce spending and improve treatment at scale.

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Value-based care

Believing in the power of incentives to create better systems, we fund products that tie compensation to patient results for a more equitable provider model.

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Holistic solutions

Recognizing that a patient’s environment and routines can impact wellbeing, we support solutions that move beyond symptom relief to nurture mind, body, and lifestyle.

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Our investments

Osmosis logo
The all-in-one health education platform where educators teach effectively and students learn efficiently.
proSapient logo
Prosapient is a machine learning expert network and research platform for conducting primary research.
Clever Care
Clever Care is a Medicare plan that offers holistic medicine and quality care for diverse communities.
Learnfully logo
Learnfully provides personalized learning intervention to help neurodiverse learners thrive.
Mintago saves businesses on their workplace pension tax and improves the pension wellbeing of employees.
Signal Vine is the leading higher-ed text messaging platform.
Bit Class logo
BitClass is a business in a box solution for teachers to set up and manage their independent live classes.
Valera Health Logo
Valera Health offers personalized mental health services combining therapy, meditation, and medications.
Nepris brings career exposure to all by connecting educators and learners with industry professionals.
Mursion Logo
Mursion is a virtual environment where professionals practice and master complex interpersonal skills.
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Our values

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Extensive insight

With deep experience in the education and healthcare sectors, we provide both strategic insight and the introductions that can fuel your start-up's growth.

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Lasting relationships + sincere engagement

We recognize the value of cultivating reciprocal relationships with founders from start to finish. By building a reputation for trust and deep involvement, we believe we can create better results for everyone on the cap table.

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Always speak to decision makers

At Figure 8, you'll be directly in touch with our fund's leadership. We're admin light and swift executors so you can focus on what you do best - operating.

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A virtuous cycle

Alongside supporting our companies throughout their lifecycle, we are committed to fueling a long-term, virtuous cycle of better outcomes for both founders and our world through our investing.

Our story

Diana and Kaushik, the married co-founders of Figure 8, met in London in 2012. They connected over a shared love for adventure, travel, and mountains. The couple have lived in the UK, Switzerland, and Colorado and now reside in Asheville, NC with their two young boys who share their love of the outdoors.

Hear from our founders

Diana Anthony

LinkedIn logo

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Diana Anthony is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Figure Eight Investments.

A former Montessori teacher, Diana brings a global perspective to her investing from years of teaching in the US, UK, and Switzerland.

Diana earned her MA in Literacy Learning from University College, London, and was a Fulbright teaching Scholar.  She also holds an AMI Montessori diploma.

Kaushik Chakravarti

LinkedIn logo

Partner / Co-Founder

Kaushik is a partner and co-founder of Figure Eight Investments. He is also the CEO of connectedFI, a fintech platform that automates $1B in commercial finance transactions per year.

Prior to founding Figure Eight, Kaushik invested in renewables and healthcare spin-outs from UK universities as part of PUK Ventures, a British Treasury-backed venture capital fund.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Kaushik previously founded and exited two companies in the automobile and telecom sectors.

Infinite impact

Diana and Kaushik  launched Figure 8 in 2017 to align their investing with their personal values. In keeping with their mission to create a virtuous cycle of good, they commit 10% of the profits from investments into education and healthcare non-profits.

GiveWell Logo
GiveWell is an independent nonprofit focused on helping people do as much good as possible with their donations.
SCI Foundation Logo
SCI works with governments in sub-Saharan Africa to develop sustainable programs against parasitic worms.
Big Hope Logo
BigHope collaborates with Dallas based schools to provide underserved youth opportunities in STEAM.
Helen Keller INTL logo
Helen Keller supports programs focused on reducing malnutrition and averting blindness and poor vision.
Against Malaria Logo
The AMF funds anti-malaria nets and works with distribution partners to ensure they are used.
Mumbai Mobile Creches
MMC works to provide migrant children on construction sites a safe, happy and healthy childhood.
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